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The MACMILLER S-1 (Solution 1) is a sterile* medical device case that securely houses, stores, and protects the McGrath laryngoscope from breakage and potential infection issues while the McGrath is in the stored and “sterile-ready” position.  In that position, the MACMILLER provides immediate McGrath access to clinicians, in compliance with hospital OOORAM** (Out of Operating Room Airway Management) directives.

The MACMILLER S-1 depicted here is Solution 1 and is intended for use in the OR, ER, ICU, GI, Anesthesiology departments and on code carts, etc. of modern-day hospitals.  MACMILLER S-2 (Solution 2) is still under development and testing.  It will ultimately become the MACMILLER S-2 for “outside the hospital” use in first responder situations such as:  battlefields, ambulances, helicopters, triage, natural disasters, etc.  Both Solution 1 and 2 are covered by our patent application.

Made of strong, impervious materials, the MACMILLER S-1 case will provide hospital administrators and clinicians satisfaction and peace of mind in knowing the MACMILLER will greatly minimize breakage and costly repairs or replacements of their McGrath laryngoscopes.  The MACMILLER also allows clinicians to immediately access  the McGrath at any time for an out-of-operating-room airway management emergency/situation.  With proper sterilization and storage as outlined in our MACMILLER User Manual, hospitals can be comfortable and confident in knowing their equipment is well protected, sterile, and ready for immediate use.  Hospital Infection Control will love you when you get the MACMILLER because transmission of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa will be minimized as a result of improper McGrath storage.  Yet, the MACMILLER also gives clinicians immediate access to the McGrath.  With the MACMILLER, your McGrath will be stored safely, securely, and properly awaiting its direct next use.  No more worries for hospitals regarding possible infection resulting from improper McGrath storage; precious resources will be preserved; and Anesthesia Chiefs everywhere will be able to achieve compliance with OOORAM directives, thereby giving clinicians immediate access to their McGrath laryngoscopes.

*Please realize that the MACMILLER can either be “dirty” or clean.”  Point being the MACMILLER is sterilizable and although it might be “dirty” after being used, it can easily be made clean by following our published cleaning procedures.  The sterility of the MACMILLER and subsequently for the stored, sterile McGrath laryngoscope inside, is subject to the proper cleaning and storage procedures for sterilization of the MACMILLER as outlined in our MACMILLER User Manual, compatible with hospital cleaning procedures.

**OOORAM is a hospital directive that requires highly portable video laryngoscopes be immediately available at all times for use by clinicians for out-of-operating-room airway management situations.

Here is what the Beta testing proved:

  • MacMiller sustained 96 hours fully immersed in a 50/50 clorox/water solution with no weakening, discoloring, or degradation
  • MacMiller sustained seven impact drops from 7 feet with the McGrath instrument inside without damage to either MACMILLER or the McGrath laryngoscope
  • MacMiller sustained undergoing a sanitization process of duration two hours at more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit with no ill effects.  No melting, no discoloration, and no degradation of the stainless steel, spring-loaded latch-hinge